What is Sugar Body Scrub?

Sugar Body Polish or a Sugar Body Scrub is a gentler and hydrating alternative to typical salt scrubs. The elements of a Sugar Body Scrub are comprised of Sugar crystals combined with aromatic and uplifting essential oils like Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Sunflower seed oil, Rose Extracts, and Shea butter.

The Sugar Body Scrub removes the outmost layer of dead skin cells without causing redness or pain. A sugar scrub is an especially good choice if your skin is sensitive and if you’ve had a bad experience with Salt scrubs because they tend to make your skin scratchy and uncomfortable.

exfoliating sugar scrub

What happens during a Sugar Body Scrub? (IN A SPA)

A sugar body scrub usually takes place in a wet room with a shower. As you (the client) lay on your stomach, the therapist rubs a mixture of sugar, oil, and aromatics onto your skin. Typically, the body is more exposed during a sugar scrub than during a standard massage, so you have to be comfortable with the additional exposure.

Once the therapist is done, you can rinse off the sugar in a shower.

Sugar Body Scrub can be a standalone treatment, but you can follow it with a massage. Body Scrub is recommended first because it is stimulating, whereas massage is calming.

sugar scrub or salt scrub

Sugar Body Scrub vs. Salt Scrub

Sugar Body Scrub is a newer and better version of the salt scrub. The salt scrub treatment is an effective option but requires aggressive scrubbing. The theory is the harder the scrub, the softer your skin, but many people may find the treatment to be mildly painful. So you choose for yourself.

How to use a Sugar Body Polish at home?

Scoop out a handful of Baene Sugar Body Scrub, rub it between your palms, then scrub in circles onto damp skin until you feel smoother. Rinse well. This award-winning product is a sparkling combination of real sugar crystals, Almond Oil, Shea butter, and Walnut shell. Now that your skin pores are open, you are ready to step into the shower. 

Let us know your thoughts on this! Cheers.

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