The Importance of Grooming Tailored for Indian Weather Conditions

When it comes to skincare and haircare, the “one product fits all” scenario does not exist. Your grooming routine needs to be customized as per your skin and hair type, diet, lifestyle, age, etc. An equally important yet often neglected factor to consider when selecting grooming products is the weather conditions your body is exposed to. The Indian climate is marked by distinct phases of hot and humid as well as cold and dry weather, and your grooming products must counteract the ill effects of these weather conditions accordingly.

What works for someone living in a cool, moderate climate will not give you satisfactory results under the extreme weather fluctuations that India witnesses. This is where the magic of traditional Indian skincare secrets and homegrown ingredients come into play. 


Skin Hydration in the Harsh Indian Weather


Whether your skin is exposed to the blazing sun of the summer months or the chilling winds of the Indian winter, it requires ample hydration to stay supple and healthy. Aloe vera is a magical ingredient that features in tons of Indian skincare recipes because it soothes irritated skin and adds hydration without making the skin greasy. The Baene Cucumber & Aloe Body Yogurt combines the benefits of aloe vera with cooling cucumber extracts to provide much-needed nourishment to the skin across fluctuating weather conditions. This cream will cool sunburnt skin in the summer and reverse the flakiness caused by cold weather while providing a burst of moisture to the skin throughout the year.


The Secret To Healthy Hair in All Seasons

Thanks to the fluctuating climatic conditions of the country, Indian hair suffers from different problems every season. The summer heat makes the hair rough and the scalp sweaty, the humid Monsoon adds frizz and makes the hair unmanageable, and winter comes with a bout of dandruff and dryness. Amla is a miracle haircare ingredient that has been used in India for centuries because of its multi-tasking nature. This local ingredient single-handedly tackles dandruff, hair breakage, and itchiness of the scalp, making it a go-to hair savior all year long. The Baene Enrich Amla & Aloe Shampoo contains aloe vera in combination with Amla, to keep the hair soft, shiny and frizz-free regardless of the weather and to preserve the health of your scalp in all the seasons.


Tricks to Keep the Dead Skin at Bay

Body oils and homemade scrubs have been an essential part of ancient skincare rituals in India because these products help to eliminate the dead skin which is a result of the harsh weather. Regular exfoliation helps eliminate the flakiness on the skin and also encourages the regeneration of healthy skin. The sugar crystals in the Baene Sugar Body Scrub exfoliate the skin gently while the almond oil and shea butter in the product hydrate and nourish the skin at the same time. This perfect harmony of exfoliation and moisturization will leave you with smooth, soft, and radiant skin.

Now that you are aware of the need for customized skincare in India, make sure to incorporate weather-appropriate local ingredients in your grooming routine to brave the rough climate with healthy skin and hair!


Mrinalini Mohanty

Guest Writer

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