Skincare: Expectations vs. Reality

We live in the age of information and have access to extensive data on various skincare ingredients and regimens, thanks to the internet. Unfortunately, all that you read and see on the world wide web may not be entirely true and may have set some unrealistic expectations in your mind regarding your skincare products. Here are some common unfair “skincare expectations” that people have along with a peek into reality.

Skincare expectations vs reality

Expectation - A good skin care product will give me instant results.

Reality - Most skincare products have some immediate benefits as well as some benefits that will be visible only if the product is used regularly for several weeks. As an example, the Baene Essence Shower Gel will leave your skin soft and fragrant from the very first use, but after using it for a couple of weeks, you will also notice that your skin looks more supple and hydrated. Therefore, judging a product after one or two uses is a little premature. Unless your skin reacts adversely to a product, you must give the product a fair shot for at least 3-4 weeks for it to work its magic.

Expectation - Natural skincare ingredients can do me no harm.

Reality - You must be wary of homemade skincare products because even though they may contain only natural ingredients, your skin can still react adversely to them. A lot of people are allergic to popular natural skincare ingredients such as aloe vera, turmeric, and honey. Also, just because a skincare product contains synthetic chemicals, it won’t necessarily be harsher on the skin or less effective than naturally sourced ingredients. For example, a Vitamin C serum made in a lab contains a controlled concentration of the ingredient and can help improve the texture of the skin but if you directly apply lemon juice to your face then its high acidity can irritate or even burn your skin.

Skincare expectations vs reality

Expectation - The more the number of products in my skincare routine, the better.

Reality - While ten-step skincare rituals are often effective, overwhelming your skin with too many products in one go may not always be the best idea. Active ingredients such as retinol, AHAs, and Niacinamide are all effective at improving the quality of your skin when used independently, but when layered together they can cause irritation and breakouts. Stick to one active at a time in your skincare routine and do not layer products just for the sake of layering them.

Skincare expectations vs reality

Expectation - If a product worked for my friend, it will work for me too.

Reality - Everybody’s skin is different and reacts differently to the same products. You must try to identify your skin type, which may vary from season to season and based on your lifestyle and health status. Opt for skincare products and ingredients that claim to address the needs of your skin instead of blindly picking up a product just because it worked for someone you know. Understand your skin and read the skincare labels, you will be sorted.


Did you have any of these unrealistic expectations from your skincare? We hope we busted some myths for you today!


Mrinalini Mohanty

Guest Writer

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