Hair Conditioner or Hair Mask? Which one to choose?

If you usually find yourself stranded when you’re looking at all the hair-care products available in the market and can’t pick which one to choose, you’re in the right place!

You can choose out of zillion types of shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, hair lotions, hair balms, and hair masks (or masque as some people like to call it). But which one to choose?  The most difficult choice is between hair conditioner and hair mask. Here we breakdown both:

What is a hair conditioner?

Hair conditioner helps to improve the feel, manageability, and appearance of your hair. It helps reduce friction between the strands of your hair which in-turn makes brushing/combing your hair easy and saves your hair from damage. Some hair conditioners also help in repairing, strengthening, and reducing the split ends.

  • Despite what most believe, you don’t have to leave your conditioner on for ages or sleep on it. The benefits are usually instant.
  • Conditioner protects your hair from Towel-Damage. Yes, you read that right. Your hair is most vulnerable when they are wet and towel drying when your hair isn’t soft leads to excessive hair breakage.
  • Use hair conditioner after every shampoo. Repairing Hair conditioner like ours leaves your hair shiny smooth and soft.

Tip: Never condition your hair from root to tip. A hair conditioner is meant only for the midsection to tips because they are old and need conditioning. The hair closer to the scalp are new and healthy.


What is Hair Mask?

A hair mask is a deep conditioning treatment for very damaged hair. Unlike conditioners that give instant results, hair masks take time from weeks to months to show repair results. They are usually made up of butter, oils, hair softeners, and hair strengtheners.

  • Hair masks are to be used once a week whereas hair conditioners are suggested after every hair wash.
  • It is usually applied half an hour to 12 hours before hair wash. Apply the hair mask on damp hair from root to tip and cover them and get on with your daily chores.


We hope you’ve got the answers you were looking for. Drop us an email if you’ve got something else to share.  Cheers!

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