Experiencing luxury in bathing, the new trend.

Bathing and Hygiene are two terms, which are often used together and at times interchangeably. The thought as to where it all began is quiet intriguing, especially when we think about soaps. Soaps are somehow, the symbol for bathing and hygiene, in our minds at least.

The origin of soaps and its usage has evolved with time, requirement and understanding of chemicals. Well, so what did the people use before soap came into their lives? As a fact of the matter, it can be verified through records that for bathing purposes there were pumice and ashes, clay bricks, sand and oil before soap came into being.

When soap came into existence it wasn’t used for bathing, but for cleaning of utensils or clothes. Eventually with better understanding of science and chemistry, few modulations lead soaps straight to our bathrooms. Well, not exactly in that order, first the stores, shelves and then the bathrooms of course.


With the new age, new products keep coming into the market every now and then. As an aware customer, we must know, that more than just hygiene, bathing is actually a way of soul-cleansing for many. The whole taking a bath thing could be more of luxury time. With the right product, good ingredients, we actually help ourselves relax, soothe, and cleanse our mind and body at the same time.


The whole thing is like a package, scrub, soap, and cream. That’s how you do it, to gain the maximum optimum result of the experience. The changes in products used are specifically based on human needs from ancient, middle ages to the current time, that we are living in. It is rather imperative to pick the right product.


Today, we are living in a world where bathing is not an option, personal hygiene is understood. So, good knowledge and awareness of this can help one in treating themselves with luxury just by stepping under the shower.


Nevertheless, it is concurrent with having a good time and a good life. Your bathroom products speak a lot about you, as it is said, hashtag trending. Be wise, pick the nice, scrub, rub, and shine. 

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