Everything you need to know about Lip Scrub

What is a Lip Scrub?

A sibling to more widely known Body Scrub, lip scrubs shouldn’t be ignored. Our lips are sensitive and everything like eating, drinking and kissing is affected when they’re uncomfortable. Nothing worse than applying lipstick or kissing with chapped lips, right? This is where lip scrubs come in. It helps you remove dead and flaky cells from your lips, hydrate and moisturize them.

Lip scrubs physically remove dead skin cells (versus chemically). They give you a smooth, hydrated base which make your lip balm and lipstick work better.

Ingredients to look for

Lip scrubs traditionally require creamy or oily base. Common ingredients used separately and sometimes together for better results are Jojoba seed oil, Olive oil, Sunflower seed oil, Vitamin- E, Rose flower Extract and Almond oil. Finally choosing the exfoliants, which are tiny solid fragments which actually buff away dead and flaky skin. Cane Sugar crystals, coffee grounds and coarse oats are usually preferred. Cane Sugar Lip Scrub by BAENE has everything you’re looking for. A conditioning and polishing lip scrub that lightens discoloration and exfoliates dry flakes, whilst nourishing and deeply hydrating the lips.

How to use a Lip Scrub

First, wet lips (wetting them prevents abrasive friction). Then, apply your Cane Sugar Lip Scrub using small, circular finger motions for about 30 seconds before rinsing off.

Avoid using a scrub if your lips have any open cuts, or if they’re sunburned. In general, be gentle and exfoliate as needed (i.e. if your lips are visibly flaky), as overdoing it can cause unwanted irritation.

After Using a Lip Scrub

Follow with a repairing Lip balm, Lipstick or pure petroleum jelly to seal in the moisture. 

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