Effects of Sun on skin and hair. Good and Bad.

Sunshine is a gift of nature that offers a bounty of benefits to the human body, but prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight comes with its fair share of health hazards too. You might be well aware of the ill effects of sun damage but did you know that moderate doses of sunlight can actually be beneficial for you? Here are some of the pros and cons of sun exposure for your skin and hair.


Benefits of moderate exposure to sunlight

  1. Increases the Vitamin D levels in the body, which in turn encourages hair growth.
  2. Heals skin disorders such as eczema and psoriasis by boosting the body’s immunity.
  3. Controlled exposure to the sun’s UV rays treats acne and fungal infections of the skin and scalp.


Three effects of prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight

  1. Irritation and redness on the skin, sunburn and skin tanning.
  2. Photoaging or premature aging of the skin, marked by pigmentation and dark spots.
  3. Increased hair breakage and dullness, caused by the breakdown of hair proteins by UV rays.


Dermatologists and haircare specialists, therefore, recommend soaking in the mid-day sunlight for 10-30 minutes every day, so as to reap the benefits of the sun without putting your health at risk. However, your busy lifestyle and the harsh climate of the country may lead to unwanted prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight. If your skin and hair have fallen prey to sun damage then the power of natural ingredients can come to your rescue. Here is how you can easily and effectively reverse sun damage at home.



How to revive brittle and lifeless hair after sun damage

Aloe vera is an amazing natural ingredient for restoring the softness of sun-damaged hair whereas Amla helps with increasing the strength of brittle hair and prevents further breakage. A hair mask with freshly extracted aloe vera gel and amla juice will restore the health of your hair from the very first use, but if you don’t have these ingredients at hand, the Baene Enrich Aloe Vera and Amla Shampoo is an effective alternative. For best results, pair this shampoo with the Baene Repairing Hair Conditioner which has anti-oxidants to protect hair from sun damage.


How to de-tan at home

Before you start scrubbing away that fresh tan, you must soothe your skin first. Prolonged exposure to harsh sunlight can leave your skin red and irritated. Apply some cooling cucumber juice or aloe vera gel to calm your skin down before you proceed with any tan removal home remedies. You can also use the Baene Cucumber Hand & Body Cream for this step. Once the skin is calm, you can gently exfoliate your skin with a homemade scrub containing gram flour, milk, and honey or lemon juice and sugar. If you are worried that your skin may not react well to these ingredients then you can also opt for the Baene Sugar Body Scrub which is gentle and suitable for all skin types.


So the next time you fall victim to some unwanted sun exposure, do not panic. The right ingredients and products can restore the health of your skin and hair effectively!


Mrinalini Mohanty

Guest Writer


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