Debunking Myths about Shampoo

There are various misconceptions about shampooing, but here are the most common ones we come across.

A cold hair wash makes your hair shine.

Cold rinses may be relaxing but they don’t make your hair shinier, conditioner does this. A cold rinse may in fact be terrible for your hair as it shrinks the blood capillaries in your scalp which carry nutrients essential for healthy hair growth.

Your hair cleanses itself if you don’t wash it.

Where did this even come from?! No, your hair won’t clean on its own.  It will just become dirtier! You wouldn’t stop washing any other part of your body, then why your scalp?

Hair gets used to the same shampoo after a while.

The shampoo used on the same hair under the same conditions produces the same results. If you are using the right shampoo for your hair texture and needs, you will get the same great results every time.

The shampoo doesn’t stop working because your hair gets used to it. If your shampoo stops giving you the results you desire, the condition and needs of your hair have most likely changed. For instance, you may have had it cut, colored, straightened, or grown it longer. Or the season may have changed i.e. it is more humid, the sun is stronger or the air is dryer. Your state of health or hormone levels may also be different from a recent illness or your monthly cycle.

Frequent shampooing dries and ruins your hair.

It is believed that frequent shampooing (4-5 times a week) dries out the hair's natural oils. However, it’s quite the contrary! Shampooing, if done correctly and with the right products, actually moisturizes your hair. The natural oils produced by your scalp simply sit on top of your hair shaft and do not penetrate it. It is moisture (i.e. water) that does this, alongside a well-formulated conditioner. Who wants oily hair anyway?

Frequent shampooing makes your hair oily.

You might as well say that the more you bathe, the dirtier you get. Clean hair shows grease faster than hair that is already oily; similarly, clean clothes show dirt immediately, whereas dirty clothes have to get much dirtier before it becomes noticeable. It is a matter of individual perception. Just as cleansing an oily face doesn't produce oiler skin, frequent shampooing DOES NOT make your scalp oilier. Things that actually can increase oil production are hormones and stress.

Frequent shampooing increases hair-fall.

We lose up to 100 hair a day and a percentage of this comes out when you cleanse your hair or shampoo. The act of shampooing simply dislodges hairs that have already become detached and are ready to fall out.

However, on a day when you don't shampoo, while some of those strands will come out when you brush and style, some of them will also remain sitting loosely. This means that the more days you leave between shampooing, the more you will see in the drain. You would not see that same amount if you were to shampoo every day! In fact, frequent hair washing encourages healthy hair as it stimulates and energizes the scalp and creates a good environment for healthy hair growth.

Stay tuned for our blog on home remedies for hair loss.

Wash your hair with lemon or vinegar to make them shine.

This doesn’t apply nowadays. In the old days, before modern shampoo came into the picture, people washed their hair with soap. These soaps would deposit an alkaline film on the hair, dulling the hair’s cuticle. An acid rinse, from lemon or vinegar, would neutralize this alkaline deposit and add shine to the hair. Modern shampoos do not create an alkaline film so an acid rinse is absolutely unnecessary.

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