Conscious Beauty. The New Trend.

harpers bazaar conscious beauty awards

Conscious beauty - we have all heard about it, we all want to adopt it, but do we truly know what it is? The trend of conscious beauty is all about being more aware of the footprint that your beauty products leave behind on the planet. To embrace conscious beauty, you have to be more vigilant about reading the labels, so as to opt for brands that are doing their bit to minimize toxic waste and move towards sustainable practices.

Recently the renowned Harper's Bazaar India concluded their first-ever Conscious Beauty Awards to promote homegrown conscious beauty brands.

Here are some of the features of a product that will help you identify whether it is eco-friendly or not.

recycled packaging for skincare

Sustainable Packaging

When it comes to sustainability, a product can usually be judged by its cover aka its packaging. Does the brand send you products wrapped in an unnecessary amount of bubble wrap or inside a box that is far too big for what it holds inside? Is the outer packaging of the product made out of biodegradable material? If the brand uses plastic containers then are they recycling empty jars? Simply ask yourself these questions the next time you are picking your beauty products and you will easily be able to distinguish between sustainable and non-sustainable packaging.

organic skincare

Organic Ingredients

Organic skincare essentially refers to skincare formulations that are created using organic ingredients. Organic ingredients are cultivated without the use of toxic fertilizers and pesticides that are burdensome on the environment. A number of beauty brands claim to be organic, but you must dig deeper and try to find out whether the ingredients they use are certified organic or not. The brand’s website should provide you this information or you can email them to know more about their ingredients.

natural skincare

Ethically Sourced

Ethically sourced ingredients are cultivated in their natural habitat, without damaging an existing ecosystem, and while providing a livelihood to the locals who have grown these ingredients in their farms for centuries. Isn’t this a far better alternative to mass-produced products that require deforestation and rehabilitation for the setting up of farms and factories? There are many brands these days that are working closely with farmers and are empowering local communities by creating skincare products on a small scale. This is a win-win situation for the planet, the manufacturers, and the consumers!



Cruelty-free beauty products are not tested on animals, but they may still contain animal-based ingredients. You must read the ingredients list carefully to check whether a product is vegan or vegetarian. If a product contains an ingredient derived from animals, such as milk or honey, you can contact the brand to find out whether these ingredients are ethically sourced or not. For example, if a product contains goat milk, you can ask the brand whether their farms are ensuring that the baby goats are well-fed and that only the excess milk is shipped to the brand. This way you can discern whether the product is truly cruelty-free. All the Baene bathing essentials are 100% vegetarian and not tested on animals.


To summarize, conscious beauty is all about transparency regarding the ingredients and manufacturing processes that go behind creating a product. You too can start the conversation with brands and urge them to be more sustainable!

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