Best Soap in the Country!

We at Baene are thrilled to announce that our Luxury Bathing Soap has won the coveted Harper Bazaar's Conscious Beauty Award! Our brand has always stood for non-toxic ingredients and our Luxury Bathing Soap infused with lavender essential oil is a prime example of clean beauty. Here are 5 reasons why we believe that our soap is indeed the best soap in the country!


  1. No Sulphates

The Baene Luxury Bathing Soap does not contain SLS, which is one of the primary culprits responsible for drying out the skin. If your skin feels dry or flaky after taking a bath then chances are that your soap contains SLS. Switching to our SLS-free soap is a great way to prevent dryness and to maintain the natural suppleness of your skin. Also, if you have sensitive skin that is prone to redness or inflammation then we highly recommend you to go SLS-free too!

sulphate free soap

  1. 100% Vegetarian

No animals are harmed during the manufacturing of our soap which is 100% vegetarian and cruelty-free. We stand against the unethical practices associated with animal testing of beauty products and love all our furry friends. A simple Google search will reveal to you the burden of animal testing on the environment. You can do your bit for the planet by opting for our cruelty-free products.

vegan skincare

  1. Luxuriously Hydrating

Not only does our soap contain lavender essential oil to calm and repair the skin, but it also contains a bunch of hydrating ingredients to leave your skin incredibly soft and moisturized. Some of the star ingredients of our Luxury Bathing Soap are Shea Butter and Almond Oil, which offer oodles of nourishment to the skin. Our soap is, therefore, an excellent product for those who suffer from dry and irritated skin because the gentle lather will cleanse, soothe and heal at the same time.

hydrating soap

  1. Value for Money

Ever wasted your money on a soap that essentially melted into a gooey mess after a couple of uses? The Baene Luxury Bathing Bar is triple-milled to ensure that it is hard and long-lasting. It produces a rich lather but does not melt into oblivion after a few uses. This way, we make sure that our soap is worth every rupee that you spend and delivers you a luxurious experience at an incredibly affordable price.

 value for money skincare

  1. Bye-bye Toxins

Our soap is devoid of baddies such as parabens and toxic dyes and is abundant in clean ingredients that are a treat for your skin. Just like all of our products, the ingredients of the Baene Luxury Bathing Bar have been carefully chosen to deliver results without putting your health at risk. The star ingredient, lavender essential oil, also helps to alleviate stress, depression, and anxiety. After all, we believe that healthy skin cannot prosper without a healthy body and mind!

toxic free skincare

As you can see, our Luxury Bathing Soap is not only gentle on the skin but on the environment too. It nourishes, repairs and moisturizes while soothing your senses. Try it today to upgrade your daily baths to a luxurious experience.

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