Affordable v/s High-end beauty. Does it matter?

When it comes to skincare and grooming products, the price of an item can increase ten-fold as you move from the drugstore to luxury brands. Are the high-end products truly better or are you just paying for the fancy label? Affordable or high-end beauty, you must know what is the best investment for your skin, so we are here today to break it down for you. Here are some tips that you should keep in mind before you add a product to your cart.


  1. Ingredients are King

The first thing you should look at when picking up skincare or bath products is the list of ingredients on the label. Some of the “affordable” products contain a very small percentage of the skin-loving ingredients and are largely composed of filler ingredients such as silicones and drying alcohols. The ingredients that appear first on the list constitute a higher percentage of the product than the ingredients that appear last. A good quality product will have a smaller percentage of the filler ingredients and a significant percentage of the hero ingredients which could be nourishing oils, plant extracts, etc.

organic skincare


  1. Product vs Packaging

Some luxury products may have a very similar formulation as an affordable product but a much fancier packaging to attract consumers. While luxurious packaging is stunning to look at, at the end of the day, it is the formula of the product that matters the most. You may save a lot of pennies by picking sturdy and functional packaging instead of over-the-top packaging that is bulky and heavy. Therefore, if you are able to read labels wisely then you may be able to spot an affordable product that will give you the same results as an expensive product in a fancy bottle. The Baene All In One Lifestyle Pack is an excellent example of well-priced products with high-quality ingredients and sturdy packaging.

  1. Quality over Quantity

With well-formulated high-end products, a little does go a long way and it takes much longer to finish up the jar than with an affordable product that is poorly formulated. If you pick the high-end products that use ingredients in their purest form, every drop of the product will pack a punch and you will get greater value for your buck. Therefore, when comparing affordable and high-end products you shouldn’t just compare the price of similar volumes of the two products but also the quantity of product you will need per use. It is possible that the high-end product may turn out to be more affordable in the long run by lasting you much longer.

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To conclude, it is unfair to classify products into affordable and high-end categories only based on their price tags. Instead, they should be compared based on their ingredients, efficacy, quality, and packaging. As smart consumers, we should focus on understanding what benefits we receive from a product in return for each rupee that we spend. This will allow us to choose the best products for our skin as per our budget and needs.


Mrinalini Mohanty

Guest Writer

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