7 Essential Skin-Care Tips To Prep Your Skin Up For Monsoon

As much as we find the sound of pitter-patter raindrops therapeutic, we know that monsoon can have the complete opposite effect on our skin—hello moisture-laden weather, we know you! So, even if you are sheltering in your home and aren't leaving your abode that much often (our new normal also calls for it), you have still got to look after your skin. 
You may also be going minimal on your makeup or giving it a skip (except for an occasional swipe of lip-wear for the Zoom meet) but that doesn't mean your bare skin doesn't need your love and care and attention. 
Well, it needs it more than ever! Your beauty regimen needs to adapt as the season segues from scorching heat to clammy climes. No sweat (or grease) as we have gleaned some great tips for your skin from experts we know and have the pleasure to work it. 
Tip #1: Don’t skip the Sunscreen 
Don’t skip the Sunscreen
Sunscreen should be one perennial item in your beauty bag; come rain or shine—make sure you wear a good sunscreen with a good SPF (at least 15 during the monsoon) even when you are cooped up indoors. 
It might be tempting to think that you can do away with the sunscreen because of the monsoon—but UV ways have a way of reaching you through the clouds and from your windows. So, don't skip this essential from your beauty regimen. 
Tip #2: Hydrate your skin 
Hydrate your skin
Even those of us with dry skin tend to take a break from their usual skincare companion aka the moisturizer. We get it—just the thought of having to deal with the stickiness and the greasiness makes our whole body curl. However, have you noticed the weird contrasting behavior your skin exhibits during the monsoon—it feels gloopy yet dehydrated? 

So, here's what we recommend—go in for a water-based hydrating lotion with ingredients like aloe and cucumber that will feed your skin with the essential nutrients to make it look fresh and naturally dewy instead of looking like it's hosting an oil festival. 
Tip #3: Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.
Exfoliate. Exfoliate. Exfoliate.
Sebum, oil, dead skin cells, and dirt—are pesky tenants inhabiting your skin and the best way to evict them effectively is through exfoliation. But given that our skin becomes sensitive during monsoon—it's wise to keep away from hardcore exfoliation and opt for a gentler product that will do its job whilst breathing new life into your dull and tired skin. A rich sugar crystal-studded formula with almond oil and shea butter will do wonders for your skin. 

Exfoliation will also help your moisturizer reach deep into your skin and feed it. So, it goes without saying, you cannot miss this step!
Tip #4: Use an anti-fungal powder
Use an anti-fungal powder
Fungal infections are inevitable and unpleasant tagalongs of the monsoon. Groin area, armpits, and feet are prone to getting them. Which is why you must always have an anti-fungal powder at your disposal. 

With a certain nip in the air, you might be tempted to enjoy a hot shower but it actually winds up making your skin dry, wreaks havoc on the skin's pH level, and paves the way for infections and irritation. Reserve this luxury activity for the winters, amigos. 
Tip #5: Take care of your scalp 
Take care of your scalp
Your scalp needs extra caring during the monsoon. Even a quick hop, skip and jump in a mild drizzle to the grocery store is enough for dandruff and fungal infections (after all, your scalp is the extension of your skin) to rear their ugly heads—of course, you don't want that. 
The ideal solution to this is deep cleaning your hair more often than your usual hair-wash days with an enriching shampoo with amla extract. This will relieve you from itchy scalp, prevent breakage, and leave your scalp feeling clean and hair manageable. 
Tip 6: Keep your skin oil-free
Keep your skin oil-free
While on the one hand, monsoon brings out our inner romantic, it also, unfortunately, causes our skin to ooze excess oil. Things from these only go downhill and we definitely don't want that. Use a gentle facial cleanser infused with hyaluronic acid or any light water-based formula to steer your skin of clogging and acne breakouts. 
Tip #7: Look after your lips
Look after your lips
Dry and chapped lips aren't just wintery woes but are year-round peeves for many people. To combat this problem, we recommend using a good lip scrub—preferably with fine granules like that of sugarcane crystals that will exfoliate dry flakes. Also, look for moisturizing elements such as jojoba oil, olive oil, almond oil, and organic beeswax—they will hydrate and help your lips retain moisture. 
Just a few tweaks here and there in your overarching skincare ritual is all that's needed to be monsoon ready. And now just put on that soothing face-mask, make yourself a good cup of coffee, and snuggle up on your sofa with a riveting read.

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