5 Benefits of Lavender Essential Oil

Lavender is a flower that is not just pretty to look at but is, in fact, a powerhouse of medicinal benefits. The essential oil extracted from lavender flowers has featured in numerous ancient skincare rituals because it offers a plethora of benefits when applied to the skin. Here are some of the key benefits of lavender essential oil and why you must include it in your daily bathtime rituals.


  1. Combats Acne

The lavender essential oil has antiseptic properties and can kill bacteria and fungi, thereby preventing breakouts, infections, and inflammation on the skin. It is also known to help wounds heal faster, and can be a boon for those suffering from acne scars on their body. This magical oil also helps to unclog pores and is a multi-tasking ingredient to combat and shrink acne.

lavender oil for acne

  1. Provides Stress Relief

Lavender essential oil is often used in aromatherapy because of its stress-relieving properties. This fragrant oil relaxes the mind and body and thereby helps reduce anxiety or depression. It is also known to induce sleep in those suffering from insomnia. Therefore, taking a relaxing bath with the Baene Luxury Bathing Soap that is enriched with lavender essential oil is a great way to unwind at the end of a hectic day. What is more, it also contains shea butter and almond oil to offer loads of nourishment to your skin.

lavender oil for stress relief

  1. Your PMS Buddy

All the ladies suffering from menstrual cramps and mood swings while PMSing must consider incorporating lavender essential oil in their regimen. This multipurpose oil not only acts as a sedative that alleviates stress but also helps relieve the pain that accompanies menstrual cramps. It is an excellent natural product to help you soldier through the rough days of the month.

lavender oil for pms pain relief

  1. Cure for Eczema

If you are looking for a natural cure for eczema then look no further than lavender essential oil. This oil combats severe dryness on the skin which, along with its anti-inflammatory properties, has been observed to soothe the skin that is suffering from eczema. It also helps to reduce redness caused by rosacea and is an ingredient worth investing in if you are suffering from skin disorders marked by dryness and inflammation.

lavender oil for Eczema

  1. Powerful Antioxidant

Being an antioxidant, lavender essential oil also helps to brighten the skin and restore its youthful appearance. It reduces pigmentation and sunspots while nourishing the skin and comes in handy to cure a sunburn too. All this along with the soothing and refreshing fragrance that this oil emanates makes it an all in one product that heals and maintains the health of the skin.

 lavender oil for spotless skin

Who would have thought that a tiny flower could hold so many benefits that can transform the appearance of your skin? Not just that, lavender essential oil goes beyond the skin and heals the mind too. If you still haven’t included lavender essential oil in your bathtime routine then what are you waiting for? Invest in this miracle oil today to reap all its amazing benefits.

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