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  • BAENE Shower Combo
    BAENE Shower Combo
    Regular price
    Rs. 1,699.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 1,499.00
  • Shampoo and Conditioner Duo
    Shampoo and Conditioner Duo
    Regular price
    Rs. 1,349.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 1,100.00
  • Luxury Bathing Soap (Pack of 3)
    Luxury Bathing Soap (Pack of 3)
    Regular price
    Rs. 499.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 499.00
  • Body Polish + Body Cream Duo
    Body Polish + Body Cream Duo
    Regular price
    Rs. 2,500.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 1,999.00
  • BAENE Experience Kit
    BAENE Experience Kit
    Regular price
    Rs. 2,700.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 2,095.00
  • BAENE All in One Lifestyle Pack
    BAENE All in One Lifestyle Pack
    Regular price
    Rs. 4,999.00
    Sale price
    Rs. 3,500.00


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“My bathing experience has changed completely with Baene Bathing Products. My skin is more supple and smooth than ever. Thank you!”

Sonali Tomar

“I have become CRAZY in love with Baene Sugar Body Polish!! It is too awesome! Loveeee the fragrance.”

Priyanka Sharma

“Cucumber Hand & Body Cream has become a ritual for me, morning and night, and when the sun is shining. Never before has my skin been such. Love!”

Santoshi Shetty

"My hair is smoother and more manageable than ever! I know what to order again. Much love :)"

Sonakshi Kamra

"Nothing works better than Cane Sugar Lip Scrub for chapped lips. Take my word for it!"

Mohit Grewal

"Good hair speaks louder than words. Amla and Aloe Vera for #HairRepair "

Monal Nagpal

"Nothing smells better than Baene's Perfumed Shower Gel. Period."

Apoorva Goyal

"Baene's Cucumber & Aloe Vera Body Cream can make big brands run for their money #facts"

Rohit Yadav

"On my THIRD Sugar Body Polish & the word is AMAZING!"

Amol Shah Singh